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Judah Davies

“Each game situation poses a unique problem, the best players have various keys to solve them, they know when, how, and why to unlock each one"

I always wanted more detailed and individualized coaching when I was a player. Especially, which ideas I should consider when owning a position and all aspects of “game intelligence”.  I rarely found this support and had to develop this understanding myself. Being in a position to provide this support for others has been a big part of my inspiration for choosing coaching as my vocation. My process always begins with understanding your style of play, including if needed, reviewing your video and consulting your opinion on where you want to take your game. From here we will work together on finding the areas in your game we can grow, as well as improving some of your strengths. With the use of elite examples, particularly players with a similar profile to you, as well as analyses of your own matches we will work on adding new ways of solving situations within your game. If you find yourself wanting more individualized support in developing your game understanding, get in touch and I’ll help you reach that target.

Passion and Expertise

  • Helping players improve awareness of positioning and movement
  • Guiding players to improve using micro level details in decision making
  • Tactical theory and coach education

Yiannis Tsalatsidis

“The future player is an artist of space. Thinking, feeling, and anticipating the next action. They are always adapting within the ever changing dynamics of a match, searching for the next space to exploit.”

I am fascinated by how the very best players make decisions. This curiosity has evolved into a passion for player development. Over the past 11 years I have spent day and night studying the various leagues from different angles, lens, and perspectives in search of new learnings and ideas. Through this I have developed an evolving database of best practice clips and a unique method for teaching players how to optimize their decision making in time and space.  The goal is to make you more adaptive, to help you read the game faster and to help you find your flow state so you can become a Space Artist. My approach involves us studying both your clips and that of professionals in similar ‘positional problems’ that you would experience and then going over scenarios on how to solve them. It’s about instilling an opportunity oriented mindset, where you’re constantly 1 decision ahead of the opponents. Through our sessions I will help you develop skillsets and principles so you can act on these opportunities more often. This is my mission for each of the players I Cloud Coach, to learn and grow at the speed of change.

Passion and Expertise

  • Attacking movements and efficiency to enhance goal/threat impact
  • Developing principle based movement solutions to play & face forward
  • Tactical Adapt-ability and creativity

Dalibor Plavsic

“It’s something all top players do, I challenge anyone to find an athlete in the top 1% in their sport who doesn’t study both their game and the greats who came before them, video analysis create a new edge” 

Football has become my way of being, the memories I’ve shared, the many lessons learnt, it became clear – I’ve always wanted to belong with the game. As a child, I always dreamt of playing the game at a professional level. After playing University football – my vision changed, I wanted to give back and be a patron to football. My purpose in coaching was to be the coach that I felt I never had. The one who inspires, leads, and builds relationships to give players the confidence to grow and become the best version of themselves.

Ironically, football is like life – everyone sees and feels it in different ways. The spaces that are emerge, the movements that could produce a goal, or the type of pass required to execute a decision. How can we fine-tune our game to recognize and understand these moments of simplicity to create brilliance?

As a Cloud Coach, my discoveries have led me down a path of continual development, because players deserve better coaches. My objectives are clear, heighten your awareness and game intelligence. Our sessions are always individualized to meet your goals.  What does an edge in your performance look like? Let’s remove the ceiling and find out.

Passion and Expertise

  • Tactical Theory
  • Positional & Movement awareness
  • Movements with Forwards


We break traditional coach education norms instead we really value transformative leadership and people who develop and evolve their own methodologies in line with the modern player.

Our Cloud Coaches are recruited based on two key factors:
The quality of their character and the quality of their work.
Learn more about their experiences here.

Judah has experience coaching various ages with Premier League level academies at Bournemouth and Fulham. He is also an analyst and writer with world famous football tactics site Spilverlagerung. Chances are if your current coach is seeking to develop their methods and ideas they’ve come across or have been influenced by Judah’s work. 

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Yiannis is a true student of the game. Before he had any access to video analysis tools he would use PVR to pause matches and spend hours observing still images to analyze strategic aspects of teams while reverse engineering their tactics. This led to him developing a unique skillset that allows him to blend an understanding of how players take in information and how to redirect their perception to improve decision making skills. He has led in various coaching and leadership roles from Grassroots coordinator of a his local youth club to Director of a Regional Excel Center within Canada’s national development system and everything between.  Yiannis was recently part of a remote intelligence team conducting opposition analysis during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Along with iCoachingCloud he currently works as a first team opposition analyst and individual development specialist with the most winningest side in the Canadian Premier League.  Yiannis current holds a National-A License and is both provincial and national coach educator.  What truly makes Yiannis unique is his ability to simplify and help players make sense of the complex nature of the game a skill that emerged through years of deep study. Yiannis’ work has featured in tactics sites and football magazines around the world including Spielverlagerung (Germany), DeVoetbalTrainer (Holland), Konzeptfussball (Austria), and Footbalista (Japan). 

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Dalibor’s background in teaching and education makes him the ideal Cloud Coach. He has a Bachelors of Kinesiology (Specialization in Coaching & Pedagogy) as well as a Bachelors of Education (Specialization in Physical Education). Dalibor holds a Canadian Soccer Association National B License. He also has experience as an analyst in CONCACAF international competitions including the Nations League (Head Performance Analyst) and the Gold Cup (Data Analyst) for the Canadian men’s national team. On top of iCoachingCloud Dalibor is a full time teacher who still finds time to be on field as a Head Coach for U17 team in the BCSPL High Performance League. 

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