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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Coaching breaks down geographical barriers and brings world class performance analysis to you virtually. A Cloud Coach is someone who has spent their life studying and analyzing top players to learn what truly makes them stand out. Cloud Coaching involves raising your game and tactical awareness through watching film together and having the opportunity to discuss, question, and explore how to adapt and adopt these learnings to your game. The process is a lot of fun and is totally customized to your goals and objectives. 

The modern game is becoming quicker and tighter with players having less time and less space to play within. We make decisions through a process called ‘Perception-Action’ this simply means what we perceive we can act on, and what we act on we can perceive. A Cloud Coach strategically uses film to train your eyes and awareness to pick up details and opportunities you may not have been able to catch on your own. The end in mind is to help reduce your think time in matches. Too often a player relies on their isolated technique or physical qualities alone without the game intelligence to glue it all together. We believe success leaves clues. Reviewing clips of professionals facilitated by a Cloud Coach accelerates your ability to play in an anticipatory state. Our method helps you create ‘mental maps’ and ‘decisional shortcuts’ of common cues, triggers, and patterns in time and space that players in your position would normally face in a game. The sessions are always a ton of fun and never feel like work, after all we fell in love with this game because it allows us to express. A Cloud Coach builds sessions to ensure your able to bring your best qualities alive more often.

We understand every player needs something unique. That’s why we offer and create custom season packages. If your interested in taking your game to the next level and want your own Cloud Coach to help accelerate your growth more often you can secure sessions in bulk to secure a consistent timeline and save money.

When booking you’ll have the ability to share your match film with your Cloud Coach directly. Your Cloud Coach does not watch your entire match, it is your responsibility to share the key times you want to explore in relation to the themes you want to cover.

We have such a unique team with a vast array of experiences. This gives us the ability to offer custom and flexible education, analysis, and coaching services. We’ve led private coach education sessions with themes ranging from ‘Improving your in game observation’, ‘Session Design’, and ‘Advanced Pressing Tactics’. Need to restructure your buildup based on your leagues trends? Want to improve you teams ability to arrive in the box more often and more efficiently? Need an opposition analysis/scouting report? Whatever your curiosity we’ve got you covered.   

Special projects also entail recruiting a Cloud Coach to remotely lead and deliver your Club/Program Methodology and Analysis department. We understand not every club has the resources to build a full department so we work closely to build and deliver for your club, coaches, and teams based on the vision of Technical Director. We are happy to connect for a consultation to discuss your vision and how we can help.

No, your sessions with a Cloud Coach focus around improving your individual skillsets. This is no different than having a personal nutrition, fitness, or mental skills coach. A Cloud Coach caters all the growth around you and your objectives so you can have an impact within any system or model of play. The end goal is to improve your game intelligence so you can think, act, and anticipate more efficient and effectively. 

Our method of raising awareness focuses on making you more adaptive regardless of the team, system, structures you move into as your progress in your playing career.

With that said we do work with programs and clubs who have us work with directly with entire teams, if this is something you’d like to explore we are happy to create something for you as well.

Life happens, we get it. You can cancel and reschedule up to 12 hours before your session. There are no refunds, you will get to reschedule your session for a another date. 

Yes. As is the case with any reference be sure to let your Cloud Coach know in advance you’ll be using them as one. Having a Cloud Coach on your CV will demonstrate you have been working on developing both your tactical and game awareness.