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Explore, analyse, and engage in detailed discussion with your Cloud Coach while reviewing clips of professionals who play in the same positions as you.

1on1 Cloud Coaching Session

Performance Analysis
50 minute session

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Small Group Session


Whether you’re a forward unit looking to score more goals, a back line looking to prevent them, or a midfield unit looking to create them. Top teams never stop working towards seeing and feeling the same opportunities.

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Invite up to 8 teammates
50 minute session

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Performance Analysis Sessions
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Remote Video Analyst

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"Every player needs a truth mirror and there is no better way to provide meaningful feedback than through video"

Just imagine where your game can go with a Cloud Coach who is completely invested in your game, your development, and your performance goals. We do all the work for you to simplify and make video clear and easy to process so you can make a greater impact in games. Every player needs a truth mirror and there is no better way to provide meaningful feedback than through video analysis, especially when it’s around areas of your game you want to improve most.   

Players from Academy and Professional levels around the world look to Yiannis for personalized performance coaching

What Players Saying


“I was in awe from our very first session. Yiannis had all my shot locations plotted from the previous season. He showed me in detail how I could increase my goal output by improving where and when to arrive in key spaces. Every session is unique but always with the same objective, I want to score and create more goals. We study clips of players I like and who have a similar profile to me like Jota, Messi, and Salah. Our last session was a masterclass in how to arrive in the 18 yard box unmarked. I can’t wait to bring these principles into my next match.”

Marco B.
Pacific F.C.

“I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I’ve had if it wasn’t for the growth I’ve had since my Cloud Coaching sessions. Analyzing players like Rose Lavelle and Kevin De Bruyne has helped me recognize game situations much sooner, just like them I’m always searching for find the right space to live in. My Cloud Coach helped improve my pre-orientations, things like how to live in and out of a pocket to create the greater decisional problem for the opponent. The confidence gained from these sessions definitely transfers to the pitch and has ultimately improved my game, leading to doors opening at Texas Tech and even a camp with U20 Canadian Women’s National Team.”

Penny M.
Texas Tech University NCAA Div 1
Jakub Świerczok

“With my Cloud Coach we’ve worked a lot on my specific movements as a striker; we explore areas like ‘where are the key spaces, when is the right moment to time my runs, and how to create more chances’. We study behaviours of the best strikers in the world and he shows me how I can learn from their decision making. He always simplifies the analysis to explain what type of actions they make and why they are important. I can’t imagine having the same growth in my game without my Cloud Coach.”

Jakub Świerczok
Polish National Team &Ludogorets Razgrad

Working with Yiannis and iCoachingCloud has given me new insights about my game through detailed analysis and customized video sessions. The sessions have helped me better understand where I can be more dangerous both on and off the ball. The sessions are a great tool for any footballer to add to their training program.

Joe DiChiara
Cavalry F.C.

"Watching videos with a Cloud Coach helps me to objectively assess my performances. My greatest learnings have been around how to better position myself to create more opportunities. I'm much calmer under pressure and know exactly what to scan for to make the best decisions possible. What I really Love is how my Cloud Coach has clips ready of my favourite players, the sessions are always so personable"

Annika Leslie
West Virginia University NCAA Div 1
Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.36.32 PM

Yiannis is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate coach who loves the game and truly cares about his players. Under his leadership, not only did I become a better soccer player but my confidence and self-belief also grew. He encouraged me to keep working towards my goals even when they seemed too ambitious. Yiannis truly wants the best for his players. He will build you up and encourage you, while at the same time, giving honest and constructive feedback to help enhance your game.”

Claire Aubrey
Memphis Tigers NCAA Div1

"My vision and awareness has improved so much since having a Cloud Coach. I wanted to enhance my buildup game and become more adaptive against different types of pressing tactics I’d be up against. We’d watch film of Liverpool and Manchester City’s centerbacks in the buildup and looked specifically at how and when they scanned for their free teammates. My Cloud Coach is always questioning and engaging, reviewing clips never feels like work, it’s a ton of fun almost like we’re trying to solve a puzzle in every clip, and they always relate it back to me and my objectives for the session. My forward passing has improved so much."

Hannah C.
University of Saskatchewan
Aleks Ławniczak

"Video review has been an indispensable tool, with my Cloud Coach we review everything, my games, my trainings, and even clips of my favourite players. Our sessions together have helped shift my perspective and helped me see and feel more opportunities when I play. If you want to be the best you have to see your mistakes, without honest analysis from a competent coach there is no chance. I truly believe his coaching was a critical reason for my development and progression into playing in the top division in Poland."

Aleks Ławniczak
Warta Poznań
head shot

"Dalibor was the first coach for me who really used video in a unique way. It helped a lot because it was much easier to understand what was going on in the game rather than just being told what to do. Dali also lets you explain your reasoning for the decision you made and will give you good constructive criticism to improve the way you play. Dali also will show us (his team) professional game clips on how we should base our play off of. His knowledge and understanding has grown my game intelligence"

Luca C.
BCSPL High Performance

"Judah really worked to know all of us well both as people and as players which made it easier for us to pay attention when he gave coaching points. He was also open to listening and taking on our suggestions. Judah put a lot of effort into coaching the individuals within the team context to improve us as players. He combined this with improving the team tactically as a whole. On top of making such a positive impact on us as footballers, he was always able to create a happy atmosphere within the team."

Fraser M.
Bournemouth Poppies
Woman face silhouette. Girl with a Ponytail portrait. Female Head. Side view. Vector illustration.

"During the pandemic was the first time that I had the opportunity to analyze my game online with a cloud coach. I learned to look at my game from a different perspective. Having Dali as my Cloud Coach has helped me develop tools to read the game better. It was a great experience and I've learned a lot about the game off the ball. Dali pushes you to learn and always finds a way to make it fun. He is relentless in looking for ways for me to improve. The experience of having a Cloud Coach has played a big role in me getting called up to my first Canada Soccer Youth National Team U-17 camp."

Jaime Perrault
Regional Center Vancouver Whitecaps

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